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Posted by Tang ai li | 3:07 PM

AN ALERT Air Asia check-in counter staff led to the arrest of four foreigners using the MyKad of other people to make their way to the national capital. The four were trying to check-in as a group at 9.45am, Wednesday, when the staff found their faces were not identical on their MyKads.

"While telling them to wait for awhile, she called the police beat base at the airport," police chief Saiman Kasran said. The four were about to board flight AK5177 bound for Kuala Lumpur.

The foreigners were arrested immediately and brought to the Labuan police headquarters. They would be remanded for seven days to facilitate investigation under Rules 25 (1) (o) under the National Registration Rules 1990.

Upon questioning by police, the four claimed they were given the MyKad by a third party.
It could not be verified at the moment whether the original owners had reported the loss of their MyKads to the police.

The suspects Najir bin Omar, Damin bin Karih, Najar bin Abura and Salman bin Malek were all believed to be Filipinos.

The Mykads belonged to Amil Husin (931010-12-5073), Nur Hussin bin Sairullah (910615-12-6463), Mohd Isa bin Danis (880207-49-5695) and Adzrin bin Dhien (880816-12-6093). Police confirmed the MyKads to be genuine.

The foreigners face jail of not more than two years or fine RM3,000, or both if found guilty.

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