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Lindane thanks MOM cruel

Posted by Tang ai li | 4:46 AM

Lindane thanks MOM cruel
Lindane: "heartless" mother raising a champion Lindane at the age of 9, the province coach thought he was a seedling, can't stay in the small County. Lindane than go to the provinces, saying "I think mothers." Forest mother deceived in good faith say: "I will go to see you. "First came to the province of lindane wrote to mother says every day, don't stay in that place anymore. Later, each time you call home, phones two crying into was. Looking back now at first, lindane thanks mother "cruel", he was not picked up.

Forest MOM said, if for the sake of his future, he should be allowed to go out, "but the play ball, the better, and farther away from us". Transfer from Tencent sports

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